1. Draws biggest crowd both in mainland and offshore matches through expatriates.
2. Biggest Grosser in revenue; more than 80% ICC’s revenue comes from India.
3. Run most professionally as far as matches, tournaments at all age groups are concerned.
4. Good talent hunt search across India through coaches, tournaments
5. Takes good care of its players.
6. Very good pension scheme for both Test and First class players.
7. Little interference from the government and hence the organisation run with firm hand.
8. Traditionally led other Asian Boards in organising ICC Tournaments in the sub-continent.
9. Have known to help out cricket boards in other countries, sometimes.
10. Cabinet Ministers, State Chief Ministers as members makes it politically a very formidable cozy club.
11. Does not depend on any funds from the government.
12. Started the most lucrative Franchise cricket ‘Indian Premium ‘League’ (IPL) which has changed the face of International cricket.
13. IPL brought in much acclaim and finances.
14. ICC have created ‘window’ for IPL, which is recognised by the ICC.
15. ICC has recognised BCCI’s dominant position and will plough back lion’s share of its earnings.


1. There are huge ‘conflicts of interest’ in IPL’s structure & operations as well as dual roles of some of its officials and former cricketers, which are yet to be resolved.
2. We are in IPL 7 and still how they select a franchise is still not clear to all concerned.
3. It is accused of lack of transparency in its dealings, decisions and in financial matters.
4. Resist moves from the government and NGOs to subject itself to ‘Right to Information’ (RTI) Act.
5. Sometimes perceived that the board bullies other cricket boards into submission.
6. Former cricketers have very little role to play in running the game.
7. Its disciplinary committees are not entirely non-partisan and appear to be controlled by its top brass.
8. It has shown little interest in curbing fight against drugs and seen to be not cooperating with WADA.
9. Mismanagement in IPL’s financial dealings resulted in its former commissioner hiding in London.
10. It is seen more as a political heavyweight and less, a sports body.
11. Tickets to public are few that are exorbitant with poor facilities on the ground.
12. Its functioning has been questioned by one of its own members resulting in suspension of its president by the highest court.
13. Is slow to adapt to new ideas such as the DRS, different teams for different formats etc.


1. Develop a mechanism for former players to be part of its decision-making.
2. With its craze for cricket, it can be spread across the country.
3. Cricket is a cash cow in India, which can be used to spread the game and attract fresh talent across India.
4. Enough talent exist in the country to have different players for each format like Tests, ODI and T20.
5. Cleaning up IPL will help attract more sponsors on a permanent basis which will improve its financial position.
6. Get professionals to run various aspects of the game like finance, administration and legal matters.
7. Take lead in making the game better rather than seen as a spoilsport for opposition to DRS, etc.


1. Failure to contain match fixing, betting etc as well as non-conformity to RTI may result in the government stepping in to run the board.
2. If effective steps are not taken to prevent match-fixing & betting, it will result in poor image, spectator backlash and falling gate money.
3. Sponsors and advertisers will withdraw for failure to stop all kind of scams.
4. Participation by overseas players will dwindle as also clamping by ICC/ other boards.
5. If it does not clean up its act, the government may force BCCI to follow its sports code similar to the Indian Olympic committee.
6. Utilities like power, water may well be stopped as well as use of grounds and facilities may be banned in the event of non-adherence to the government sports codes.