SWOT Analysis

Strengths 1. Has 200+ countries as its members
2. Has successfully organized the Football World Cup since 1930
3. Good broadcasting and marketing, making soccer the most popular game in the world
4. Spread the game throughout the world, especially in Africa and Asia

5. Strong brand name and a strong financial performance

6. FIFA events like the World Cup are biggest sporting events with the top teams and best players in the world

7. Association with top brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates, Hyundai-Kia Motors, Sony, VISA etc

Weaknesses 1.Even though the popularity of the game is increasing, it is club football which is becoming more popular than international football
2.Not much importance is given to international friendlies
3.Lower ranked teams do not get an opportunity to play higher ranked teams often
4.Various allegations of corruption in the recent past
Opportunities 1.Develop the game even more, especially in India, China and other developing nations
2.Set up academies to facilitate the development of the game
3.Organise more meaningful friendlies in future
Threats 1.Threat of racism is apparent in football
2.Threat of corruption because of the huge money involved