SWOT Analysis

Strengths 1. The Stanley Cup, which is awarded to the winner of the league, is one of the most coveted titles in American Sports
2. Presence of highly skilled players from across the globe
3.High Revenue from sponsorship and television rights
4. Loyal fan base for every team resulting in high audience in every match

5. Although the fan base is lower as compared to NBA and other US leagues, but they have a highly affluent fan base

6.Advocates in a number of charitable causes like “Hockey Fights Cancer” which further enhanced its brand image

Weaknesses 1.Lower fan base when compared to the other professional leagues in USA
2.Various labour disputes, which had led to the cancellation
3.Very low penetration in emerging markets like Asia
Opportunities 1.Shift towards digital technology to market its products to its highly affluent fan base
2.Association with broadcasters to popularize the sport in Asia
Threats 1.Threat from the other professional leagues like NBA, NFL etc
2.Like every other sport, the threat of doping maligning the league is always there