S.W.O.T analysis: 


This is something that you can control and have an effect on


·         A good relaxed arm stroke when contacting the ball

·         A good body position and also good movement towards the ball

·         An excellent level of anticipating play.

Weaknesses (areas for improvement)

·         Not accurate in my shots because to much shot power

·         My digging is inconsistent.

·         My technique for blocking is skewed because I do not have a set muscle memory for crouching effectively.


This is something that is outside and you may not have full control over these factors


·         Short game has been practised and focused on with the coach

·         I have learnt how to mentally rehearse where I want to play my shots based on the position of my opposition

·         Has stated to some core work in the gym to help with keeping balanced in crouched position (for digging).

·         The opportunity to attend more training sessions and one to ones with my coach.


·         Can get very aggressive and this can disrupt my game especially when I am losing?

·         I do not play very well in really hot conditions.

·         The opponent that I am playing next is of a much higher ability which puts me off as a result.

·         I feel under pressure when I know I am not consistent at hit the volleyball.